ADC Stuff

Below are some items for the ADC's in the Mesa District Varsity Scouts...Click on an item to open it. Thanks, MDH

Click Here to Get Mogollon Rendezvous Outpost Summary Reports

Click Here to Get Risks of Scouting Series (1-5, 7-10, 12, 13, 15) as presented in Commissioner's Meeting

The Mesa Model - An explaination of why Mesa District is the Best!!!!

Mesa District Varsity Training Pocket Card

Need to put Huddle Plan for 2010 Here... it's not here now

ADC Huddle Job Descriptions

Varsity Team Self Assessment Form

Scouting and the LDS Church

Varsity Scout Coach Fast Start

Participant Guide: Safe Swimming Defense Training

Participant Guide: Safety Afloat

The Pledge Of Allegiance by Red Skelton

2010 Rendezvous Staff Guide (Word Format).....NOT YET

2010 Staff Registration Forms (Word Format) NOT YET

Mesa Dist. Awards through 2005...

Dist Award of Merit App (pdf) Currently Unavailable....

Mesa District Hall of Fame Awards Form(pdf) Currently Unavailable....

Mesa District Hall of Fame Awards Form(rtf) Currently Unavailable....

GCC Silver Beaver App (pdf). Currently Unavailable....