The Mogollon Mountainman Rendezvous - March 16th, 2017!!!!

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The Booshway has blown his horn and the Mogollon Rendezvous begins on March 16, 2017! The updated rendezvous documents are now available on the web site. Download them for your use to prepare for the events. Let's see who will be Top Team the year!

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Operation ON Target!

The Varsity Scout Operation On Target will take place on the tradional third Saturday in September. That will be Satruday September 19th!! The web site for selecting a peak will be active in May and you and begin picking a peak. This is the only national event in the VARSITY PROGRAM. It should be a great actvity this year.

On Target Registration will be open in May!!! Click Operation On Target! on the side bar for more information!!! And to find all information relating to Operation On Target!...

Every Boy Deserves A Trained Leader!

All direct contact Scouting Leaders are expected to be trained. You have great opportunities in the Mesa District. We will have training in spring and the fall. You will not be sorry for the time you take to receive training from our District Training Team. They are great Scout Leaders and believe strongly in the program that they have served in for many years. Please make time to be trained. Register at the link below: Click here to Register

2013 Rendezvous Video!(And other information!!)

The link below will take you to a You Tube video of the 2013 Rendezvous! It will bring back great memories from the Mogollon Mountain Man Rendezvous!

Click here for the Mesa Varsity Scouts Mountain Man Rendezvous 2013 Video!

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Another way to find Mesa Varsity Scouts photos & videos on the web Google (or browser search for): "PICASA MESAVARSITYSCOUTS", "FACEBOOK MOGOLLON MOUNTAINMAN RENDEZVOUS", "YOUTUBE MESAVARSITYSCOUTS". Be sure to bookmark them so you can find them easier next time!!!


Many of the photos taken at past Mogollon Rendezvous have been posted at our album site now! If you have photos and would like to include them in our album, please sent them to: You can find all of the present and past Mogollon Rendezvous photos by clicking Mesa Varsity Scouts Web Albums


The VARSITY PROGRAM FEATURES are available ON-LINE!! Links to these and other great resource documents have been added on the "Other Links" menu on the upper left of this page. You can download the whole set, or just print what you need! Links to the Troop Resource Guide also has some great information for Varsity and ALL Scouting Leaders.


Many Scouts and Varsity Scouts visit and camp on the Mormon Battalion Trail each year. Due to excessive OHV usage the BLM has closed the area for all entry and camping. There has been an exception made however for Scouts who meet certain conditions. This Informational Flyer provides the detials. Since we are approaching the season when the Scouts will be going out to the trail, it is important follow the rules and don't attempt to just go out on your own, as you have been able to do in the past. If you do use the area without permission, as described in the flyer, you will be subject to some serious fines and could even jeopardize the current arrangement.